Tuesday, August 4, 2009

feel the fear and do it anyway

This plant dyeing has totally thrown me off beaten track. In theory I'd like to think that I would thrive on working with something totally natural, but since natural includes qualities such as uncontrollable and unexpected, I find myself terrified of not being in control...

I'm in turmoil, loving the harmony of the process, new creative possibilities, connectedness... and at the same time being paralysed by fear of the great unknown. I have just entered a country with lovely scenery and great atmosphere, but I don't speak the language.

Whenever I feel like just giving up, the pull towards it is stronger. So: I feel the fear and do it anyway.


  1. Give in to the magic. It has already stolen your heart.

  2. are we ever really in control of anything? relax and enjoy....

  3. Being in control is an illusion, but a hard one to let go. Ego wants to say "I did it" rather than "it happened". Got to dance more...

  4. Control - I wonder what the opposite of control might be? The opposite of fear is love, in my experience. Hence, loving the work isolates the fear and leaves it behind. But control? Maybe flow might be a choice... wish I knew. I've been paralyzed by something for many years now. I can explain all the supposed "reasons" but I'm literally dying without my art - yet afraid to begin again. It doesn't even matter why...or why not, does it?
    I must simply BEGIN and let the flow move through me.


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