Wednesday, August 29, 2012

making progress with Beginnings

It's been quiet on the blog for a bit as I've gone all shy about showing process photos... The silk dress still needs hemming and I'm dreaming of some embroidery to go on it too. It might get another dress to layer with, unless I decide it displays better when it remains a bit translucent.

The hessian top was abandoned for a while but has been picked up again... I'd like to complete it and pair it with a big skirt. 

The peat felt skirt needs a top half.

I'm still thinking about making another dress, especially as I have some nice pink dye waiting to be used. Meg gave me some pineapple sage cuttings and Jo shared her results for inspiration. I admire the delicious colour on my kitchen windowsill.

A month and a bit to go to exhibition start... I need to work pretty smartly if I fancy to achieve all this on top of regular life with work and kids. Big breath...

upcycling at Ecofest

Some time ago Jo asked me if I'd come along to Ecofest and showcase some upcycled clothing. I liked the idea of leaving the privacy of my own walls and said yes without much thought. It's been a while I've been a stallholder anywhere, and there's a nice buzz to it, putting yourself out there.

As the time drew nearer I started to panic, as I was rather busy with other commitments. I had made some preparations but not as much as I thought. But the option to pull out left me feeling I would regret not being part of the "Creative Zone" so I stuck to my promise and decided it's ok even if I just come as I am.

Now in hindsight I'm ever so grateful for Jo for giving me the needed kick to take a bigger step out of my current comfort zone. That's what friends are for!! The weekend was an absolutely fabulous time to connect with people, to inspire and be inspired, get feedback, hints and leads. I had set up a sewing workshop and kept working with various upcycling projects and had some completed work on display, even sold some. I was also advertising upcoming sewing workshops, Beginners in various durations or Creative Alterations and had lots of interest in these. Looking at October start for these.