Thursday, January 7, 2010

the box

I keep writing about dyeing, but the work that makes most steady progress lives in a box. This is what the box looks like right now.

We are TV-free, but usually go through a few DVDs every week. When the film starts, on one side sits hubby, on the other: the box.

Also when the whole family travels somewhere further, read more than 20 minutes in the car, the box comes along, since I don't fancy sitting idle on the passenger's seat. In some curious way I can happily knit while hubby negotiates hills and bends, but if I was reading I'd be carsick.

The contents are without fail some yarn and dpn knitting needles, crochet hook, needles and scissors. I always seem to knit in the round. And when it's crochet, mostly that goes round in circles too.

The box produces mundane items for various people I care about, things to keep feet, heads and hearts warm.

I think about filling the box with silk, felt, thread and needles, but somehow that doesn't happen. My myopic eyes get the blame.

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