Saturday, March 20, 2010

Changing Threads

I was overjoyed to have two fibre art pieces accepted to the Changing Threads 2010 exhibition. One of them is a recent piece that features eco-dyeing on silk. It is a three dimensional sculpture suspended in space. I named it 
Incantations of Unity

My other featured piece was created three years ago, when I had just learned felting after my first girl was born. The name refers to one of my regular times of night to be up with Maya, contemplating my new life as a mum.

This entry was a runner up to the new entrant prize at the Creative Fibre National Exhibition 2007 and now got a special mention in the category "Excellence in contemporary interpretation of work featuring traditional techniques".

Wheeling 4am

This photo is from the exhibition.

The handmade felt is 98% Romney and 2% Corriedale, cut and folded to create a two sided effect.

The reverse.  

I am very proud to be included in this fine company. What a beautiful exhibition!

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