Monday, July 26, 2010

paisley twirl

I found these beautiful hand carved hardwood printing blocks in my local Trade Aid shop. The paisley pattern makes me always think about a colourful quilt blanket my grandma had on her bed. I remember lying on it completely lost in the paisley pattern. The old fashioned twirly wallpaper added to the experience... Eventually I added my own artistic touch to the wallpaper with some colourful crayons. I don't think it was very appreciated.

Perhaps I could create something more acceptable with these blocks. I've got some textile colours that have been sitting unused in my stash since my Stockholm days. Little signature prints on clothes? Arranged as bigger patterns on a t-shirt? Greeting cards, gift wrap? Dare I put any colour on these beautiful blocks at all!

The shop has actually quite a selection of patterns. Some of the bigger square blocks full of fine details were clearly familiar from Indian saris.

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