Thursday, January 12, 2012

pattern fail

It has been a while since I've made and worn a new dress design (one has been nearly finished for...2 years, ouch). I had a browse through the patterns I have drafted in the past and felt like trying something new. Jo has kindly lent me a couple of interesting books, Pattern Magic Vol.1 and Vol.2 by Tomoko Nakamichi.
I chose a simple crossover design that is cut quite differently from what I've done before.
I modified a pattern I've drawn before and made sure it would fit me the way I prefer. The cloth I used was just a bit too seethrough, so I decided to fully line it with plain cotton. I thought it would give some extra fullness for the drapes as well...
Looks very girly... The silhouette is very flattering. BUT!
From the side it makes me seem 8 months pregnant, not a good look. The way the left and right slip into and through each other is classy, but this action creates fullness on the wrong part of the body. 

Major FAIL!

What was I thinking?? This should have been totally obvious. Now I need motivation to unpick the front and come up with a way to rescue the good stuff that is there... Perhaps keep the crossover fullness on the top half and flatten the skirt part? That would make a wearable dress but completely lose the clever coming-through-the-rabbit-hole idea.

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