Sunday, October 14, 2012

floor talks, floors, walls and ceiling

I've spent a couple of mornings at the Refinery Artspace giving floor talks to friends and random visitors. I really enjoy that type of interaction and had an opportunity to meet some interesting new people as well.

I also had a chance to support my 6 year old with a drawn out apology to Duncan for snapping the wire that his welded chainlink sculpture was hanging from at the back entrance... Just a bit of drama that happened at the opening.

While I was spending time at the gallery I had time to take some snaps. Here's the neglected rear view of "From Finland with Love".
And a side angle.
 The paint splattered gallery floor deserves a portrait

and I quite like the way the repairs just sit among the old.
 The toilet is a creative retreat. Here's the runway to it.
The toilet floor. Beautiful methinks.
The walls are quite a statement
and the ceiling is an interesting collage of pump station plans coloured with what could be crayon.

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