Saturday, March 26, 2011

Changing Threads 2011 - Song from a Distant Earth

At the Refinery Artspace in Nelson, New Zealand
26 March - 21 April 2011

2011 Nelson City Council Award
for the 'work which best reflects the theme of 'Water and/or Light'.

Song from a Distant Earth
Maria Julkunen Dalton

Shamballa is a legend of a Pure Land. It is a place of peace, tranquility and happiness - love and light. The idea of Shamballa has an outer and inner meaning. The qualities it represents are eternal. Just like a circle it has no beginning or end. If we can access the inner meaning of Shamballa deep within us, if each of us can find that place, thing, person or idea that has the power to inspire us to take the inner journey to greater freedom and awareness, we begin to transform both ourselves and the world around us. Perhaps the outer meaning, the distant utopia of Shamballa as an actual physical place can be revealed through this journey. If we turn to the deeper mind for inspiration, the world itself will become an extension of Shamballa. The distant Earth is right around and within us already. 

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