Saturday, September 17, 2011

the outrageous beauty of blossoms

On a weekend wonder, I stopped to take in the sight and smell of these magnolia beauties. I love how the blooms open in bare naked gnarly branches. Spartan and oh so lavish simultaneously.

Reaching up to the heavens.

Further on I made tracks to an old cemetery. I made acquaintance with a lady who was bringing flowers to her parents grave. She had just visited another cemetery where her husband was buried. Her loving act made me think of my mum who very tenderly cares for my father's and his parents' resting place. The graves of my past are too far to visit these days, but the old photos come out from time to time.

I took my farewell and was led straight to this bright blossom lying on the grass. I felt it wanted to be found by me, so I brought it home. One day it'll find it's way to some project or another.

This flower carries the love of remembering a person who touched your life. It's come undone, adrift, frayed around the edges, but hasn't lost any of it's 'look at me blooming' nature. Slow to fade, just like the memories.

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