Tuesday, February 14, 2012

wreck this cloth - from wrecking to constructing

This post follows on from what got started here.

Mid-December we had started to enjoy the beautiful berries of the Nelson region. Some mushy ones in the bottom of the bowl ended up giving some colour to this experiment.
The next day I felt I was doing things too pretty, not letting myself actually... let go.
I took the cloth in a shower with me, and stomped on it while I shampooed my hair! Needless to say, the pretty pink was history.

After a couple of weeks I found myself looking at the unevenness of the fibres. That gave me an excuse to start picking at them. I pulled and yanked until they snapped, working quite randomly. I've always been into pulled thread work, but I didn't want any of that type of planned discipline here.
I really liked the combination of soft stripes and bigger holes where the horizontal and vertical meet.
The remaining stains and distressed weave started looking like a good backdrop for something... 

At some point in January plums came along to part some purple and an idea of a chart was forming...

I've used a lot circular shapes before and wanted to draw them with stitch this time. To honor the male relationships I've had and the impact they've had in my life I drew up a chart with a timeline from birth to present. I was thinking part radar screen part linear time.
I started with my dad and the two time periods where I've lived together with someone. Added some other formative encounters, romantic partners, crushes that went nowhere but shaped my life and changed who I am.

Some relationships have an impact way beyond their presence, like when you drop a pebble in still water and the rings keep getting bigger. But on the timeline they won't ripple backwards, only affecting future...

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