Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Blip (on the Love Radar)

I entered this piece to the 2012 Changing Threads exhibition with the name Blip (on the Love Radar). Changing Threads is a juried National Contemporary Fibre Arts Awards exhibition held annually here in Nelson. This was the third time I participated.
Click on the photo to see the details.

I ended up mounting the piece twice. I first wanted to maintain some transparency as the distressed cloth with stitching looked interesting with backlight. The best board I got hold of turned out not being transparent enough. Not only that, but it ended up warping in the heat of my car while it sat there for a few hours before driving to the gallery. I was mortified.

I liked the wide silk organza edge on the first version, even though it always looked a bit wobbly on the sides. During the next few days I remounted it on a smaller but thicker board. I also padded the centre of the biggest circle on the left for better 3D effect. Mounting is tricky business and once again I learned that it would be better to have that in mind quite early on in the process.

I was so proud to share the exhibition space with such high standard of work overall. You can see photos of my favourite pieces here.

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