Sunday, March 25, 2012

Changing Threads 2012

Published a tad backdated but better late than never...

Changing Threads, the National Contemporary Fibre Arts Awards was on show at the Refinery Artspace in Nelson from 24th March until 21st April 2012 for the fourth year running. Thanks to Ronnie Martin`s initiative and the support from Arts Council Nelson we get to enjoy this classy feast of imagination and the unexpected in my home town.

These are my favorites from the exhibition, for any unfathomable reason. There was other lovely work too, but these are the ones my camera gravitated towards.

Sandra Mead: Immigrant

Matt Siwerski: Buck Fever
Melliors Simms: Blizzard
Sally Reynolds: Yin and Yang (on the left)

Karyn Henson: 365 Days

Colleen Plank: Skin Deep

Jo Kinross: Colins Bed (An Artist`s Life Isn`t Always a Bed of Roses)

Marilyn Andrews: 2731 Genetic Experiment RCG07022012a:
Marilyn Andrews: 2731 Genetic Experiment RCG07022012b:

Jo Kinross: 5 Little Prayer Flags

 Maria Julkunen Dalton: Blip (on the Love Radar)

Sharon Patterson: Close/Closed

Jean Carbon: Together/Alone

 Sandra Mead: Pippi

Sue Heydon: Entitlement Series
Love, Shelter, Warmth, Food, Stimulation, Companionship

Jenny Judge: Field

Chris Tait: This is the Story of a Girl...

Claire Hey: Vintage Beach Culture

Looking forward to next year already!

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