Monday, May 28, 2012

hessian bodice

I have been developing a corset pattern, but wasn't quite happy with my result so far. I decided to approach it from another direction and unearthed a bodice pattern from some years back. I happened to see some hessian and thought it's suitably earthy for sewing a sample.
 I decided to leave the raw seams on the outside.
If this actually is a sample I got a bit carried away with detail. I cut some silk velvet strips from a piece I burned when the dyepot ran out of water... For stitching I used red silk that originates either from my mum's or grandma's sewing box.
PSst! Now you can view the outfit here!


  1. the use of this sturdy fabric is really rather interesting
    and the object is beginning to tell its own story
    which may extend beyond "just" being a sample?

  2. In the end you were right India, it extended beyond just a sample. But not until I lost interest, abandoned it, picked it up again, finished it with a layer of silk, not happy, took it apart, cut new pieces of jute, dyed them and reassembled... NOW I can say I really like it, lol.


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