Wednesday, July 11, 2012

cutting room trainee

I have a workshop trainee that has been thrown out and been refused entry many a time...
Now that he is 6 months old he has matured enough to be present even when some serious frock making takes place! But something about entering my sacred creative space makes him into a complete loonie! There must be a sense of play present as all the kitten behaviour of running, climbing, jumping and playing with EVERYTHING comes out...
A good cutting weight he does NOT make!
 Now that's better!
 And the silk is cut!


  1. can't wait to see the finished dress - hopefully the trainee will have become involved in some other pursuits when it comes time to sew it up!

  2. Me too. I dyed some silk thread this evening (wound up around a banksia rose twig, many thanks!) that just happens to be the right shade for sewing and got another hew on the simmer. Should all be dry for tomorrow for stitching!


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