Saturday, September 29, 2012

distilled writing

Working with our Strands group towards our Beginnings exhibition has taught me in detail what goes into making an exhibition happen. I've had the opportunity to tap into the experience of colleagues that have more history in organising and putting their work on show.

I've written artist bios a couple times before, but now I've crafted an artist statement and an artist profile and the blurbs to go with the work are yet to be polished. As a group we spent a lot of time discussing our "mission statement" when we lauched (in the end we abandoned writing it down) and now we have a group statement (that the "mission" debate clarified a great deal).

All this writing has been interesting and challenging, even though we're not talking about great lengths of text. The compressed impact of it takes me ages to distill from my rambling thoughts and deeply felt but flighty feelings. 

This is my "statement" that is found in our catalogue together with the image below. On the image you can also see the words Ecopunk Couture that I'm tasting and feeling as a potential label to carry on working with. What do you think?

Maria Julkunen

My life has always included some form of creativity. I started sewing at a young age, enjoyed drawing and painting and started filling folders with collages of ideas years before I was taught to do the very same things at a design school.

I love the craft that is needed to create beautiful garments and have always been fascinated by what we communicate of ourselves through the clothes we wear.

I love natural materials for their earthy integrity. Natural fibres are in tune with our bodies and connect us with the wider world when used with respect for the environment from which they come. Dyeing cloth with plants and metals holds an element of surprise that keeps the mind humble and open.

My style has been influenced by the rather minimalist Finnish design tradition that subscribed to the idea that form follows function. I combine artisan techniques and environmental awareness which results in a type of eco couture.


  1. Maria I absolutely love Ecopunk Couture!!! Its perfect - may it be the beginning of a wonderful and prosperous ongoing journey jxxx

    1. Phew, thanks Jo, I feel a bit nervous in a coming out of the closet kind of way. xx


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