Sunday, September 2, 2012

coming together, falling in place

Oh so sweet when things just move ahead with ease and loose ends start coming together. It's about time, as there's only a month until showtime...

Here's a little test layout.
I'm covering the hessian bodice with silk organza that I dyed with Black Doris plums and iron. Another greener shade of the same plums on the same organza will become a little bustle skirt. A length of burnt silk velvet already runs on the seams on the bodice, but will also tie the bustle... The skirt needs a hessian petticoat, but I've run out of hessian and so has Spotlight. Still have some smaller shops to visit that should carry it.

And now it's time to leave my computer and carry on with the assembly...


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    1. Thanks India, will at some point post photos of the dress made of silk I dyed on the last day of the Lud Valley workshop. That was such fantastic 5 days - and I still haven't even written a post about it as it was turbulent times for me.


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