Saturday, May 30, 2009


I've been putting off writing more about the Landskins workshop. When something is significant, it feels important to get it right. I realise I have no way to translate the ENERGY we collectively created into words.

How I've been dreaming of Colours! Soft, gentle, living colours all through the night in my dreams, for night after night.

We stitch and sample, felt and dye. Years fall off everybody, we turn into excited girls, feverishly creating something still unknown.

It is then the Earth starts to whisper through our work. In the hues unwrapped, in the wool and silk, we let Nature do its magic.
We marinate our work in the delicious juice we boil out of plants, let leaves make a mark on the weave. We invite pieces of metal to give things another twist.

What we have to show in the end of the day is not the big thing, it is the possibilities that have suddenly dawned on us.

Thank you India for sharing your magic.


  1. looks like the workshop was a great inspiration. i love how you described the excitement of the participants-so true! when you really lose yourself in something like that- becoming child like once again and allowing for all possibilities to take place- magic!

  2. it's lovely to read such nice things about the workshop and the process

  3. My daughter just alertd me to your blog and I am enchanted by your lyrical prose and of coourse by your enjoyment of her workshop.
    It is truly a child-like experience to walk through a landscape and pick up small wonders at random.

  4. Thank you for comments and joining in the marvel :)


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