Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Weaving Waters of Life

We woke up after a cold night in Otira Hotel. The morning was sunny, the valley filled with birdsong. We drove back a few kilometres to Arthur's Pass, turned left after the big tree. Two walks started from there, I was drawn to the Devil's Punchbowl Falls. The track started uphill with sections of steps, so I had to carry my daughter in a frontpack.

The walk was just the kind I had longed for on our road trip. Every step was a step to another dimension, to a feeling of oneness with our planet. The water rushing down the mountainside connected me to the bloodstream of the living Earth.

By the beautiful waterfall I read the story of Hinekakai, a famous weaver. The falls were named after her. To Ngai Tahu, these long intertwining threads of white water resemble the threads of dressed flax - whitau or muka - used to weave fine garments and mats.

Just like the water in the stream runs down to the ocean, making it part of the body of water surrounding the whole planet, my creating connects me to this organism, letting the life essence flow through me, making me a strand in the weave. I am part of the creation; I am a creator. This is my purpose.


  1. lovely photo maria! in such a place one really must feel connected to everything as you so beautifully wrote. NZ is filled with such beautiful spots.

  2. Thank you Shiborigirl. You are right, it's easy to feel connected when surrounded by wilderness. But connectedness does not depend on time or place, it's a practice.


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