Saturday, July 14, 2012

instant gratification window treatment

I have a new desk lamp on my sewing table that is lovely and bright. It's actually a set of two lamps that I can individually turn on and off and direct every which way. One light on: bright. Two lights on: very bright. Here's a de-lighted myopic!

In front of my desk is a window. When I rest my eyes between some stitching, I can look at the garden and my next door neighbours house. I like natural light and being able to see what's going on outside. BUT dark winter evenings reverse the effect the window has. It occured to me that my neigbours, lovely people, would see my brightly lit face, glowing like a moon, all night long, through that window... Hmmm.

I've been known to be a bit spartan with my window treatments before, quite odd for a chick who loves cloth. Cheesecloth and tracing paper have come handy when I've wanted maximum light with minimum coverage, but have needed to maintain some privacy. A bit of a Japanese screen look if you can imagine.

So last night out came the roll of newsprint (as I simply can not seem to be able to buy a wide roll of tracing paper in this country??).
 Measure and cut.
Et voila! Ready.
Please excuse a few rips and tears, see it as a sample. The punch could not quite handle the amount of layers I offered it. Version 2 will have smarter origami while version 1 comes handy lighting the fire. The main thing is...
it looks like a lovely lantern from outside! Peace of mind.


  1. A friend of mine commented through email:

    almost halloweenish
    yes one does need some nocturnal self illumination sparing actions

    as the seismic forces awaken on the tectonic boundaries so the creative moods fill the blogofibresphere

    i like


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